About us

Shop for collectors CK CZARNY is a company operating on the Polish market since 2015. We sell online products for collectors, designed and made in Poland in the highest quality, which we send to customers from Poland and around the world.
Our goal is to design genuine products for collectors, unique in its form, interesting stylistically and convenient to use.
We have obtained protection of the utility design of the album for buttons of stands and displays as well as protection of the industrial design of the bayonet and helmet display displays..
We also have something for the detectorist, CK BOX box, we tried to put the convenience in use in this project, the ability to choose the size, the color of the sponge and cases for boxes.

Our motto

Each collection requires an appropriate binding that will guarantee the security of storage and emphasize its uniqueness, which will delight our eyes and hearts for years.

The value of collected souvenirs is a collector’s passion encompassed in them that allows them to still be living proofs of history.