A bayonet display CK 21B (standing)

239.25 zł 55.64 € | 59.81 $ | 47.85 £

CK21B perfectly allows for the effective display of various types of 8 bayonets with scabbard or without of different or equal length. Made entirely of transparent plexiglass. For display on display cabinets, display cases and on the home collection shelf.

  • colour: transparent
  • 485 mm / 185 mm / 4 mm – height / width / thickness
  • 300mm / 120mm / 5mm – length / width / thickness (bases)

                    Dimensions of holes for bayonet locking

  • 40mm / 20mm – height / width
  • 9 pieces – locks made of transparent plexiglass, which are used to block the bayonet blade in the holes of the display.

Product Description

CK 21 is covered with a protective film, which should be removed before it is used.

A wallpaper knife will help you to remove the film.

The above photographs are for reference only. The bayonets appearing on them are not for sale.