CK BOX ,,XL” with black sponge and Velcro tape – 22,98 zł

22.98 zł 5.34 € | 5.75 $ | 4.6 £

CK BOX is simplicity in action.
From the cap to the bottom of the box there is a thin, braided, waterproof string, so you don’t have to think about putting the cap back, just unscrew it, string does not cause any problems with screwing and unscrewing. There is a sticker on the cap with a 50 mm divider, which will make it easier to measure various finds. There is a black sponge in the center of the box with many parallel notches.

Velcro tapes
With the CK BOX you get velcro tapes, hook and a loop. You stick the Velcro tape on the box by yourself.
NOTE – the surface of the box should be cleaned and degreased before sticking.
Velcro tape with a loop, has a waterproof string, which allows for more convenient carrying and use of the CK BOX.

  • Dimensions: 90mm/55mm – width / height


Product Description

The sponge perfectly protects against breaking, scratching: coins, buttons, medals, all kinds of lead items and many other treasures.
It is recommended to moisturize the sponge with water which prevents the objects from drying out and protects the delicate patina.
We offer a wide range of covers for CK BOX / more versatile, convenient to use.
The above pictures give a general overview. Items as buttons, coins, medals and other visible in the pictures are not for sale.