CK SAFBOX “XL” with black foam – 19 zł

19.00 zł 4.42 € | 4.75 $ | 3.8 £

CK SAFBOX is very easy in use. You do not have to think where to put a lid you just open it. A tying cord does not hinder screwing and unscrewing of the lid.
There is a black sponge cushion with parallel slits inside the box. Furthermore there is also a thin weaved and waterproof cord between the lid and the bottom of the box.

  • Dimensions: 90mm/55mm – width / height – for item up to 50mm in height
  • When buying two boxes, 1 FREE cover. You can choose a high FLECTRAN camouflage cover or a black VELCRO tape cover.


Product Description

The sponge perfectly protects against breaking, scratching: coins, buttons, medals, all kinds of lead items and many other treasures.
It is recommended to moisturize the sponge with water which prevents the objects from drying out and protects the delicate patina.
We offer a wide range of covers for CK SAFBOX / more versatile, convenient to use.
The above pictures give a general overview. Items as buttons, coins, medals and other visible in the pictures are not for sale.