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Display case CK32A for decorations, medals, pins, eagles, buttons, etc.

669.00 zł 155.58 € | 167.25 $ | 133.8 £

In this version you will get.
1. Showcase
– external dimension 39 cm x 39 cm x 6 cm
– distance between shelves 7 cm
– Display case CK 32 made of transparent plexiglass, 5 mm thick
2. Plexiglass window
– Glass made of transparent plexiglass, 3 mm thick, fully extendable from the left and right side.
3. Styrodur board
– 8 mm thick with fabric stretched.
The standard color of the lining is red (on the request, color of the lining can be changed, e.g. green or navy blue). Each corner of the board has a small notch that is invisible (covered with fabric). The cutout is used to pass the cable for the lightning.
4. Glass shelf
– (thickness/width) 4 mm/36 mm – 1 piece.
5. Locks
– locks made of transparent plexiglass (8 pieces)
6. Pins
– length 22 mm / 15 pieces with a pin head in the color of the selected lining (on request, the color of the pin can be changed to red, green, navy blue).
7. Pegs
– width / length – 8mm / 45mm. (4 pieces)
Due to the dimensions of the display case, it is not possible to send it by Parcel lockers.

Product Description

– Display case CK 32 to be hung on the wall using the attached dowels
– In the two corners of the back wall of the cabinet, square holes are cut out for the cable for the lights. Lighting can be fixed/glued in the lower and upper part of the display case.
– The shelf allows you to combine a standing and hanging display. You support the shelf with 2 pieces of locks made of transparent plexiglass (4 heights to choose from).
If there are no display cases, the waiting time is up to 12 working days.

The above photos are for illustrative purposes only, the coins, medals and other items on it are not for sale.