Display stand CK34C

6.99 zł 1.63 € | 1.75 $ | 1.4 £

CK 34 is an ideal display for: eagles, decorations, devotional items, jewelry, pendants and other collector’s memorabilia.

Color: transparent

2mm – plexiglass thickness

125mm / 77mm / 45mm – height/width/depth

Rectangular opening dimensions

30mm / 6mm – height / width


color: transparent

1mm / 20mm / 2mm / 6 pcs. – thickness / length / width / number of strips

The display and strips are covered with a protective film on both sides, which must be removed before use). A wallpaper knife will be helpful to remove said foil.

Product Description

The CK 34 allows for a comfortable and safe display of those items that have lost the fastening element: eyelet, post, nut.

At the top of the display there is a “tongue” on which we can hang an item. Narrow holes are also cutout, we put straps in them, with which we block and adjust the object horizontally and vertically, in addition, we have a wider hole through which we can fit a post, eyelet, etc.


The above photographs are for reference only. Coins , medals and other items appering on the advert are not for sale.