Stabilizing plates for folding cards 41 pieces — 14.50 zł

14.50 zł 3.37 € | 3.63 $ | 2.9 £

Stabilizing plates are made of 1 mm thick transparent plastic. There is a 10 mm round hole in the plates, which may be used in two ways. Firstly it simplifies withdrawing the plate from a page pocket . Secondly for example it fits perfectly for button loops.

Stabilizing plates are available in sets of 41 pieces.

  • 12 pcs 20 mm
  • 25 pcs 25 mm
  • 4 pcs 35 mm

Product Description


The stabilizer plate tightly enters the pocket. To pull out, we will use steel tweezers with a curved end.
Stabilization plates are secured with double foil, which should be removed